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Pocket Bishonen Trainers

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Entries: 119
04.01.2011 20:52, Awakened E-mail :
Wow great this site is back! How did you do that? Thank you!

I'm wondering what happened to the sister site pocket bishoujo, though. I don't know if there was a connection between the two :)

29.11.2010 02:24, Thaliel E-mail Homepage :
Hoping for this nice idea to find back to its old glory

08.09.2009 02:47, Mary-chan E-mail :
I STALK BISHIES! I caught a Yuki, a Shigure, a Hikaru, and a Kyouya!!

06.08.2009 23:24, Jelli E-mail :
@Lolo from Seattle - It's called the book section!!! Wow what a concept. It seems all characters from books go there O.O!

04.08.2009 17:48, Trayse E-mail :
Glad to see that Pocketbishonen is back! I'll catch 'em all! :)


04.08.2009 17:48, Trayse E-mail :
Glad to see that Pocketbishonen is back! I'll catch 'em all! :)


19.07.2009 07:48, Lilium E-mail :
Haha, I remember this site! It's great to see it back up and running.

18.07.2009 08:27, Lolo from Seattle E-mail :
I started going after guys I didn't even know, this was so fun. I saw one of your badges on, and just thought, 'oh... oh, this is totally my speed.'

I hope you add a harry potter section in the future, because **** all if I'm not going to get Sirius, Remus, and Ron under my wing!!!

10.03.2009 20:23, Yoji Li E-mail :
Wow.. I've been waiting years for this to return! Thank you for bringing it back!

25.02.2009 02:42, Kissy E-mail :
Hooray for Pocket Bishonen! Hope it lasts forever!

23.02.2009 01:48, Chelsea from USA. OHIO E-mail Homepage :
I'm so glad it's backkkKkkk! *squee*

19.01.2009 02:37, Nyneve E-mail Homepage :
I'm proceeding with caution as my joy rises at finding this site. I'm thrilled at seeing it's return, but wary as to the amount of activity (I checked out the forums and found approximately five posts, all from a long time ago ._. )). If it is back for real, then I will continue to obsessively check for updates. ^_^ But if I'm arriving a year after the most recent additions, then my sorrow will know no bounds. U_U

Perhaps you could date the next update?

Either way, glad to see someone at least *attempted* to restart!

24.12.2008 09:47, Juliana E-mail :
Ahhhh! This website is back...I'm so excited! I remember back in...2003 was it? Then a couple days ago I googled it on a whim and this popped's sad how happy this makes me xD I'm definitely gonna submit some stuff =)

15.10.2008 04:35, Songwind E-mail :
Once upon a time, a long time ago, there was a fanfic-writer named Songwind who happened to stumble across a little website called Pocket Bishonen. As she was a huge fan of anime and video games, the young teenager happily set to "catching" all the Bishonen she could. She even posted a long, long story about the Pocket Bishonen world (her own interpretation) on

But then something horrible happened; Pocket Bishonen went down, without explanation or any apparent cause. The creator was impossible to contact. Even Pocket Bishoujo, the sister site, seemed to be dying. What was a sad fanfic-writer and lover of the site to do? So she reluctantly went on her way, to other parts of the internet.

One day, very recently, she got online and out of pure nostalgia, decided to do a google search... and to her delight and disbelief, found this website!

Thank you so much for creating a new website. It brings back lots of fun memories for me. ^_^ I look forward to seeing further developments. Maybe you could add a forum on here as well? Good luck!

25.08.2008 03:46, Mint_Fates E-mail :
OMG!! You have NO IDEA how happy I am to see this site again!!! I've missed it so much! I just randomly thought of the site and typed it in, then BAM, the site is back up!lol! Thanks SO MUCH!!

07.06.2008 16:44, Sheylis Valentine from puerto rican??? Oo; E-mail :
This site is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I actually caught Vincent and Zelgadis ^_^ , plus a bunch of other bishounens! Keep up the good work :] I'm hoping to catch Rayne from neo angelique if I get the chance ;)

27.05.2008 05:15, Tayjena E-mail Homepage :
So glad to see this back! I used to be obsessed. ;)

08.04.2008 20:56, animejosse E-mail :
I searched for this site on a whim, but I didn't expect to see it still alive. So much nostalgia! I used to save the pictures to a diskette and save them on my computer. I'm tempted to start again, though it probably won't be as fan-girlish as before ;) Thank you for the memories!

10.03.2008 16:09, Sam E-mail :
Felt compelled to sign the guestbook!!

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Entries: 119
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